Alex Sherwood

Alex Construction/Maintenance Technician 

Meet Alex Sherwood, a promising addition to our team, stepping into the role of solo maintenance/construction technician a fresh perspective and an eagerness to learn. Despite being new to the industry, Alex brings enthusiasm, a penchant for detail, and an open-minded approach to every task.

A Fresh Perspective:

As one of our youngest team members, Alex embodies a quick learner’s spirit, absorbing intricate details and approaches with exceptional attentiveness. His receptive nature and willingness to explore new avenues make him a valuable asset, open to absorbing knowledge and honing his skills.

A Zeal for Learning:

Eager to advance and excel, Alex approaches every opportunity with a thirst for knowledge. He embraces challenges with a positive attitude, constantly seeking guidance and absorbing insights to evolve in his role. Alex’s enthusiasm for growth resonates in his dedication to becoming a proficient technician.

Connect with Alex:

Alex Sherwood eagerly awaits opportunities to assist you in your renovation and repair needs. As a dedicated learner and an open-minded team member, he’s committed to providing the guidance and support you need.