Normand Racette

Norm Construction/Maintenance Specialist

Meet Norm, a newcomer to the maintenance and construction industry who has rapidly proven his capabilities to categorize him to a construction specialist.

Learning by Doing:

Although new to the field, Norm’s knowledge in renovations has grown extensively through team mentorship and hands-on experience. He’s a quick learner who thrives on challenges.

Tech-Savvy Expertise:

Norm’s background in software and technology brings a unique perspective to his work. He leverages modern tools and techniques to enhance efficiency and precision in maintenance and construction tasks.

Passion-Driven Growth:

Norm’s passion for the trade has driven him to transform from someone with basic tools into a specialist with a truck full of unique equipment that sets him apart from the rest of the team.

Team Player and Self-Starter:

Norm excels in both team settings and when working independently. He’s a versatile professional who adapts to any situation.

Fearless Problem Solver:

Norm is always ready to take on challenges head-on. No matter the complexity or scale of the task, he tackles it with enthusiasm and a solution-oriented mindset.

Connect with Norm:

For a fresh perspective, a tech-savvy approach, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Norm is your go-to professional. Contact him to experience his dedication and innovative problem-solving firsthand.