Our Team

Karen Sharp

President and owner of Leading Edge Property Solutions, Karen brings 15 years of property management experience to the business.

Starting out on her own in 2015, after working in many aspects of the field, Karen has built a successful business by focusing on providing a great service. Karen is deeply passionate about her work and goes above and beyond for both owners and tenants.

She has developed excellent relationships with vendors, realtors and contractors and continues to expand the business, now employing over 9 staff members.

She has recently merged with a landscaping company and is now able to provide those services in-house. She is very accountable to her job and loves to be hands-on with day-to-day operations. She has a great team to support her passion.

In her spare time, Karen loves to travel and spend time with her family.

Alex Urosevic

Alex has joined our team as a consultant and real estate investor relations representative.

Alex has extensive knowledge in this field and will help you through the buying and selling process. He will provide the insights and the confidence you need when making such a large investment. He is always one to offer an honest and objective opinion. Thru the wealth of information and our premium partner contacts, such as financial institutions, insurance brokers, construction and renovation experts, Alex will make your experience fully transparent and worry-free.

Alex will also play an integral part in our business development plan to ensure we offer the best product and services for both our owners and residents.

Haley Simpson

Haley has recently joined out our team as our front-end receptionist and office support person.

Haley has many years of experience in the customer service industry, has a very professional mannerism about her, and is always full of energy.


Jeff Sullivan

Jeff is part of our Maintenance team. He brings with him years of experience in the field.

Jeff takes pride and joy in his work and delivers high quality end results.


Mike McIvor

Mike has been with us for many years and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in the field of renovations and repair.

Mike takes the lead on all our maintenance needs and is well equipped to handle any situation.

No matter what time of day or night it is, Mike never hesitates to respond to any call.

Staysie Albert

Staysie joined our team as our cleaning supervisor.

She has a high standard of work ethic, and tenants love her.

She tackles any job with a smile on her face, and we can always be confident units are in top-notch shape for all move-ins, and those common areas are kept sparkling.

Rick O'Donnell

Rick is part of our Maintenance team. He brings with him years of experience in the field.

Rick brings a wealth of knowledge in dealing with household appliances to our team.

Bill Hanley

Bill joined our team a few years ago after a long career with the Saint John police force.

He retired from the Department of Public Safely a few years ago as the Director of SCAN (Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods). He was responsible for working with both property managers and owners to ensure neighbourhoods were kept safe.

His experience will serve our team well as we work to keep our client’s properties safe and prosperous and ensure the safety of our tenants.

Lisa Schrader

Lisa is part of our cleaning team. She brings with her years of experience in the field.

Lisa can always be found at any job with a smile on her face, making sure all our units are move in ready and common areas clean and tidy.