Renos, Repairs & Project Mgmt

Leading Edge Property Solutions and our partners have the experience you’ll appreciate for your complete renovations, repairs or painting projects, from permit processing right through to the finishing details that make your property stand above the crowd. 

We are proud to offer the portfolio of trades and service personal who work with us to provide efficient, quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices. In addition, our own maintenance team is committed to providing uncompromising guaranteed work on your property. 

As part of our exceptional customer service, we take pride in our continued efforts of keeping an open line of communication with all parties involved, meaning that the information feed is maintained from start to finish with all stakeholders. 

Our Project Managers ensure there are no surprises. Our detailed work descriptions and contracts ensure that all parties are treated fairly and that everything is above board. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Municipal Representations, Permits and Inspections
  • All Aspects of Client Consultation, Communication and Representation
  • Sourcing and Estimating
  • Multiple Weekly Site Visits
  • On-Site Support to Site Super and Crew Foremen
  • Report Writing
  • Job Cost Tracking Support
  • Materials Reconciliation
  • Collaboration with Field Staff
  • Schedule development (critical path planning)
  • Code interpretation
  • Sub-Trade Control Including: Tender Acceptance and Reconciliation, Compliance Requirements, Contract Awards, Contract Completion Verification, Payment Reconciliation, and On-Site Support


  • Sound Knowledge of all Aspects of Residential Construction to Instruct and Provide Direction to Sub-Trades on Site
  • Ability to Present Oral Reports to Municipal Planning Departments and Interact with Building Departments for Minor Variances and Building Permit Submission
  • Strong Understanding of Project Management Methodology, Including Tools and Metrics Used to Evaluate Project Performance
  • Ability to Estimate Project Costs and Meet Budgetary Objectives
  • Strong Understanding of the Municipal Building Code
  • Strong Problem Solving and Analytical Skills
  • Ability to Demonstrate Leadership Skills by Delegating and Providing Clear Direction to Other Team Members

Deciding if you should renovate your property is a daunting decision, but attempting to oversee the process by yourself can be even more overwhelming. At Leading Edge Property Solutions, we understand the weight of property renovations, and want to help you navigate the process. 

How Does It Work

Your Project Manager’s main objective is to act as the quarterback for you and your project, assuming ownership of the project from inception to completion, organizing and leading the team that will serve your specific needs, and work to see the entire process through successfully.

Your Project Manager will help you:

  • Determine Which Spaces Will Work Best for Your Needs
  • Provide Preliminary Budgets
  • Schedule The Project from Design to Completion
  • Help With Building Permitting, Soliciting Vendors and Selecting Contractors
  • Hold Job Site Meetings Throughout Construction
Project Management Gantt Chart

Leading Edge’s number one goal is to ensure that your project delivers on time and on budget, without compromising the quality of the work. We will help you enlist trusted and reputable vendors, including architects, general contractors and more, that have a track record of success. 

Leading Edge Property Solutions team will also competitively bid out your project so that you get the most competitive price. We have strong vendor relationships as well as years of experience in the industry that will ensure no time or money is wasted in the delivery of your project. 

Not only will your project manager save you money, but the savings they bring to the project will far outweigh the cost of hiring Leading Edge Property Solutions to represent you on your next renovation project.