Water Damage

The Leading Edge restoration team provides fast water damage repair and reliable water damage restoration.

Offering 24-hour emergency water damage repair and restoration service, we specialize in quickly removing water, drying the premises, cleaning up, and restoring your property.

It’s important to remove the water and dry your home as quickly as possible to help keep damage to a minimum and our professional water damage response team is fully equipped to handle any size water disaster.

Wtare Damage Restoration

Mold Removal

Mold on Window Sill

Leading Edge Property Solutions provides fast and efficient mold removal.

Mold and mildew have long been enemies of property owners as the growing fungal substances can cause a health hazard to people living in them.

The harmful substance can basically flourish and live anywhere in the house such as the basement, attic, bathrooms, crawlspaces, kitchen, bedrooms, foundation, plaster, drywall, ceilings, concrete, and windows.

Mold relies on two important conditions to grow and these are a source of water/moisture and the absence of flowing air. If these circumstances can be found in your property then it’s possible for mold to begin to grow and spread quickly.

Wind and Storm Damage

The Leading Edge restoration team provides 24-hour emergency response for wind and storm damage.

There is no doubt that southern New Brunswick storms can cause a great deal of damage when they rip through the neighborhood and they often result in flood, storm, and wind damage to local properties.

If your property is damaged by floodwaters, heavy rains, frozen or leaking pipes, it’s essential to clean up and restore the premises as quickly as you can to limit the damage.

Flooded house

Fire Damage

House with fire damage

The Leading Edge restoration team provides fast and reliable 24-hour fire damage response.

At Leading Edge Property Solutions we offer complete fire and smoke damage services to help return your property to the way it originally was. This includes cleaning, repairing, and restoration.

We provide service around the clock to make sure your property can be repaired as quickly as possible following an emergency.

We will carefully pack and remove your belongings, store them while your property is being restored, and will restore any of the damaged items that are deemed salvageable.

We offer competitive rates starting at $75/hr for restoration services. Because every job site and work assignment is unique and different, we will, in advance, provide you with a custom estimate including a detailed description and pricing.